The Voice Call

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I realize that I am just one in a long line of people voicing their opinions on this subject however, I feel very strongly that we can drive the change necessary to ensure that effective communication remains the backbone of the human existence. I also realize the irony and humor of blogging about personal v digital communication as I hope you will.


The last Thursday of every month, the guys who live on my street all get together to share a drink and swap stories. This is a great example of the face to face interaction that I think is lacking in today’s communication experience, but it is one of the stories that came out of our last get together that I wanted to share. John told us a story about his oldest daughter who is 12 years old. John came home one day and found his daughter staring at her phone, clearly frustrated and panicked about something. When he was able to calm her down, he learned that she had not been able to get a hold of her best friend who lives on the next street over…..less than a block away. She had tried Twitter, then Facebook and Snapchat before finally resorting to texting which still had not yielded any response for 15 whole minutes. John sat bewildered staring at his daughter, trying to figure out how we got to this point of only communicating via short form electronic messages when his daughter cried out, I’ve got it! I’ll give her a voice call!


You guessed it, a voice call was the term used for an old-fashioned phone call. These devices we call phones are rarely used as phones anymore but this was just what was needed and she was able to get a hold of her friend. Unfortunately, it was a brief call to tell her friend to please respond to her Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and texts from the last few minutes.


Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for all of these wonderful electronic platforms if used correctly. However, the subtleties of body language, voice intonation, eye contact and even the use of expletives are what make human interaction so powerful. As everyone from our children to world leaders lean more on electronic communication, we must not forget that the most effective way to solve problems and create clarity will always be to sit down across from someone and talk. We do this every day in our business in order to obtain the information we need to manage your investments and plan out your financial strategies as effectively as possible.


I look forward our next meeting or “voice call”.